A heads up for my bad memory

A heads up for my bad memory

Gotcha! This post is not about memory settings at all, but a quick heads up. If you are dealing with several generations of exadata’s and you like ironhugging them as much as I do, sometimes things can get confusing. The X7 exadata has changed a bit so when you use them, it’s nice to do things right. Only way to do it right is check it, double check it and verify.

One of the things which is always in my mind “what network port is used for what” and guess what, there is an easy thing to remember it.

The answer is simple; OEDA knows. In the post OEDA has properties too, I showed that OEDA is pretty smart and a good kind of documentation as well.

X2 to X6 shared the same configuration, but if you can’t remember what port is used for what, you can check it in the es.properties file. This is useful as it has changed with the X7.

So for documentation purposes:

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